Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Atworth

The Baptist influence was penetrating West Wiltshire as early as 1660. Atworth was one of the parishes reported in 1669 for holding an illegal meeting. The Baptists first applied for a meeting house certificate in 1692. Their congregation appears to have been small but faithful, as they were still applying to meet in a house in 1790. It was not until the mid 19th century that membership was large enough for them to justify building their own church.

Atworth Baptist church, known as Ebenezer Church, was opened in 1864. Although built to accommodate 120 people, the following year it had just six members and a pastor. By 1872 the church had become a mission station under the Priory Street Baptist church at Corsham. It remained in this position for the rest of its life, staying open until 1979. It is now a private house.

The building consisted of a main chapel with schoolroom attached. Under the floor of the chapel was a large tank which was filled with water when required for baptisms from the cottage next door.