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Chippenham Grammar School
Posted by Matthew Kime MA(Oxon) DPhil(Oxon) LLB on 16 December 2014
This photograph is NOT of Chippenham Grammar School. It is a photograph of the Girls High School building. Accordingly, it could not have been taken until 1956 or thereafter. I attended the Boys\\' High School (2 years) and the Chippenham School (3 years) before I moved to Colchester Royal Grammar, then Oxford University, then Yale University, then various others.
Posted by sylvia chappell on 23 May 2016
Photo is indeed chippenham high school for girls. I was one of the first pupils there when it opened in 1958
Posted by David Britton on 27 April 2019
This photo is of the Girls Hardenuish school. The Grammar school was on the other side of Hardenuish park. The Boys school was still getting built at the bottom of Hardenuish Park.I remember it well as the fields between the girls school and the boys school was all open ground and served as an invisible barrier to those "Dreaming" that one day they were allowed to meet.

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