Timeline events for date 1650

Comunity Date Events
1650 Population of Wiltshire 113,500 (approx.)
Broughton Gifford 1650 Stone gate piers are added to Broughton Manor House, no resident lord of the manor at Broughton Gifford.
Downton 1650 Sir Joseph Ashe creased extensive water meadows - this provided an early bite of grass for ewes, helping survival rate and encouraging earlier lambing. Baptists arrived in Downton.
Melksham 1650 About this time weavers are producing medley broadcloth and trade improves
Pewsey 1650 - 1673 School held in the parish church
Wilton 1650 From this time a process of rebuilding gradually obliterates nearly all traces of medieval Wilton although the street plan remains substantially the same