Timeline events for date 1915

Comunity Date Events
1915 Life in a Railway Factory, a condemnation of factory life is published by South Marston poet Alfred Williams, who worked at the Swindon Works for 22 years
Box 1915 Ridge Quarry was temporarily converted into an arsenal for the duration of World War One
Broughton Gifford 1915 The last Court Leet decides, at The Bell, the fate of the common.
Calne 1915 The Palace Cinema opens in Mill Street
Chippenham 1915 Last cloth factory destroyed by fire
Pewsey 1915 Workhouse used by Wiltshire County Council to house mental defectives
Westbury 1915 GWR locomotive depot opened
Wilton 1915 A severe flood in the town, which is prone to flooding, gives the impetus for an extensive flood relief programme
Wootton Bassett 1915 Wiltshire United Dairies Ltd acquires the Dairy Supply Company