Timeline events for date 1957

Comunity Date Events
Amesbury 1957 Avondale School moved to Bulford
Box 1957 The Rising Sun, a public house, was tragically destroyed in an explosion, killing the licensee and his family
Broughton Gifford 1957 The Bell is sold to the current owners: Wadworths Brewery.
Calne 1957 County Secondary School (later Bentley Grammar School) moves to a site in the angle of the London and Melksham roads; Maundrell's iron foundry closes
Chippenham 1957 Monkton House bought by the local council after the death of owner, Lady Muriel Coventry; giant plane tree by town bridge felled when shops built. The Town Mill (on the site of the Domesday mill) demolished
Corsham 1957 The Rising Sun demolished by an explosion caused by a gas leak
Cricklade 1957 National school is closed and the building becomes the Parish Hall