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Tabernacle United Reformed Church, Chippenham
Posted by David Britton on 07 March 2010
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have spent years collecting old pics of Chippenham trying to put my life together as I grew up. I thought this Chapel was pulled down when Emery Lane cottages were levelled. Our family was the first to move away. We lived at 21, Emery Lane, next door to the Burgess family. Mr Cobbles lived at the end, he was the local refuse lorry driver, He was famous for his all year round suntan. I never seen him wear anything on top of his pure white vest.
I attended Sunday school here until I joined Westmead Junior school age seven.We thought a bit too old for Sunday school. A Miss Carol Ince taught our class how to knit, among small stories about the bible. We has these separate classes above the arch. I cant remember the gates being there, but remember a Mrs Wilkes/ Wilkinson, who made toffee and sold it by the slab. Just over the road lived a Mrs Strange who sold bottles of \"Tizer.\"
Behind the chapel and houses, over the stonewall, which was too high for me to look over without sitting on someones shoulder was a \"Paddock\" and stables. Never found out who it belonged to, but it was out of bounds. This was before 1955, so I lived in Emery Lane for about ten years. I was told I was born 30th September 1944,in a house in Woodlands, near the town soccer ground. The street is still there but I think the house long removed.
Regards David Britton

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