Timeline events for date 1826

Comunity Date Events
1826 William Cobbett author of 'Rural Rides' travels from Warminster to Salisbury and comments on the poor living conditions of farm labourers
Aldbourne 1826 William Cobbett in his book Rural Rides describes the village as \" a decaying place\" that might be \" depopulated in twenty year's time\"
Amesbury 1826 - 1835 Amesbury is a prosperous coaching town with 9 stagecoaches passing through daily
Broughton Gifford 1826 Methodist Society forms.
Broughton Gifford 1826 - 1827 Nathaniel Stinchcombe is the landlord of The Bell.
Calne 1826 - 1829 First floor of the market house converted to a town hall
Calne 1826 A Methodist meeting house at Studley is certified
Melksham 1826 John Fowler, inventor of the steam plough, is born in Melksham
Westbury 1826 William Cobbett visits the town and in his Rural Rides describes Westbury as a \"nasty, odious, rotten borough, a really rotten place\" where the cloth mills seem \"ready to tumble down as well as many of the houses\"