Timeline events for date 1836

Comunity Date Events
1836 200 people from Downton use New Poor Law funds to emmigrate to Canada . Over the next decade hundreds of poor families are encouraged to emigrate from Wiltshire (often to Canada or Australia).
Amesbury 1836 Tollhouse built in Salisbury Road
Box 1836 Building of the tunnel commenced. During its 5 year construction, over 100 workers were killed in serious accidents inside the tunnel.
Calne 1836 George Page elected first Mayor of Calne; new Zion Chapel built in Pippin Road
Corsham 1836 Poor House closed
Cricklade 1836 Waylands Estates become the responsibility of the Charity Commissioners
Marlborough 1836 From this date all inhabitants of Marlborough granted rights of pasturage on Marlborough Common
Pewsey 1836 Pewsey Union Workhouse built in Wilcot Road
Ramsbury 1836 Workhouse sold and used as a Sunday School; new workhouse built at Hungerford; blind house closed
Wootton Bassett 1836 The first Autumn hiring fair for agricultural and domestic servants is held, fairs being held annually in Spring and Autumn up until the end of the century; the cattle market is revived as monthly event, held on a Wednesday: the ducking pond in the High Street, between the Angel and the Crown, is filled in