Timeline events for date 1889

Comunity Date Events
1889 First Wiltshire County Council is elected,
Broughton Gifford 1889 Broughton Gifford has 1 tailor, 2 masons, 1 contractor, 1 thatcher, 1 coal merchant and 1 market gardener.
Chippenham 1889 Mr E.C. Lowndes buys the Butter Cross for £6 and removs it into the grounds ofthe Manor House at Castle Combe
Corsham 1889 Corsham Waterworks opened and first piped water supply provided
Melksham 1889 Melksham Rifle Corps is integrated into the 2nd Volunteer Batallion, Wiltshire Regiment
Sherston 1889 Ralph Goulding becomes the owner of the Angel Hotel; Thomas Andrews begins the Station Horse Bus from Sherston to Badminton
Wilton 1889 Jubilee Clock Tower on theTown Hall unveiled by Earl of Pembroke
Wootton Bassett 1889 The Town Hall is extensively restored by Sir Henry Meux