Timeline events for date 2002

Comunity Date Events
Amesbury 2002 Excavations for a new housing development to the south of the town unearth burial remains and artefacts of the Amesbury Archer dating from about 2300 B.C.
Cricklade 2002 Building previously housing the glove factory converted to house the Town Council, the County branch library and a doctor's surgery
Cricklade 2002 New housing to the east of the town
Keevil 2002 A book of Keevil- volume 4 (the final edition) was released
Melksham 2002 By this time Spencer & Co., now part of GEC, is closed
Pewsey 2002 Pewsey Community Area Plan published
Sherston 2002 Sherston School is placed 14th in the national table of schools
Wootton Bassett 2002 Wootton Bassett Comprehensive school is opened by HRH Princess Anne; St. Ivel, one of the largest employers in the town,closes