Listed buildings

The number of buildings, or groups of buildings, listed as being of architectural or historical importance is 653.

There are 37 Grade I listings; Old Sarum, the Cathedral Church of St. Mary, the Close Wall, Bishop's Gate, the Cathedral School, St. Anne's Gate, Malmesbury House, 19 The Close (Theological College), 39 - 46 The Close and their Fourecourt Walls, North Gate, Mompesson House, 54 The Close, 56A and 56B The Close, 56C The Close (Wren Hall), 57, 57A and 57B The Close (Braybrooke House), 65 The Close (King's House), 68 The Close, 69 The Close (Walton Canonry), 70 The Close (Leaden Hall), South Gate House and 74 The Close, Crane Bridge, 91 Crane Street, 99 and 101 Crane Street, 15 and 17 High Street (Old George Inn), Milford Mill Bridge, John Halle's House, 4 New Street, 56 and 58 St. Ann Street (Joiner's Hall), 9 St. John's Street (King's Arms), Old Harnham Bridge, St. Thomas's Church, the Poultry Cross, Church of St. Lawrence, West Harnham Mill, Trinity Almshouses.

There are 122 Grade II* listings.