Literary associations

Title Author Publisher Published year
The Spire William Golding Faber 1964
Novel set in Salisbury, where the author used to teach.
Jude the Obscure Thomas Hardy Osgood, McIlvaine 1896
Part of the novel is set in 'Melchester', which is easily identifiable as Salisbury.
Glittering Images Susan Howatch Collins 1987
Set in the cathedral city of 'Starbridge' and written in a flat overlooking Salisbury Cathedral.
Under Salisbury Spire in the Days of George Herbert. Emma Marshall Seeley & Co. 1898
'The recollections of Magdalene Wydville' set in and around Salisbury in the 17th century.
Sarum Edward Rutherfurd Century 1987
The story of 5 families through 10,000 years in the landscape and city of Salisbury.