Sower's song
Mackie, Elizabeth Harriet Mrs.
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

Now hands to seed sheet, boys,
We step and we cast. Old Time's on wing.
And, would you partake of Harvest's joy,
The corn must be sown in spring.

Verse 2

Fall gently and still, good corn,
Lie warm in your earthy bed;
And stand so yellow some morn,
For beast and man must be fed.

Verse 3

Old Earth is a pleasure to see
In sunshiny cloak of red and green;
The furrow lies fresh, and this year will be
As years that are past have been.

Verse 4

Old Mother, receive this corn,
The son of six thousand golden sires;
All these on thy kindly breast were born,
One more thy poor child requires.

Verse 5

Now, steady and sure again,
And measure of stroke and step we keep;
Thus up and down we cast our grain,
Sow well, and you shall gladly reap.