I keep my dogs and ferrets too
Carter, Christopher
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

I keep my dogs and ferrets, too,
I have them in my keeping,
To catch good hares all in the night,
While the gamekeeper lies sleeping.

Verse 2

My dogs and I went out one night,
'Twas to view their habitation,
Up jumped poor puss and away ran she
Straightway to our plantation.

Verse 3

She had not gone so very far in
Before something caught her running;
So loudly she cried out, 'Aunt!'
Says I, 'Uncle's just a coming.'

Verse 4

I then drew out my little pen knife,
All quickly for to paunch her;
She turned out one of the female kind,
How glad I was I catched her!

Verse 5

Now we'll go down to a public inn
And drink this hare quite mellow,
And I'll spend a crown, and a merry crown, too,
And be a hearty, bold fellow.