Gallant poacher
Iles, Elijah
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

Come all you lads of high renown,
That love to drink strong ale that's brown,
And bring the lofty pheasant down
With powder, shot and gun;
[Here's a gallant youth I'll tell the truth]
He's passed all life and tempest's wave,
No mortal man his life could save,
He now lies sleeping in his grave,
His deeds on earth are done.

Verse 2

I and five more a-poaching went,
To kill some game was our intent,
Our money being all gone and spent,
We'd noting else to try;
[The moon shone bright, not a cloud appeared in sight]
The keeper heard us fire the gun,
And to the spot he quickly run,
And swore before the rising sun,
That one of us should die.

Verse 3

The bravest youth among the lot
Twas his misfortune to be shot,
His deeds shall never be forgot
By all his friends below;
[For help he cried but was denied]
His memory shal ever be blst,
He rose again to stand the test,
While down upon his gallant breast
The crimson blood did flow.

Verse 4

The youth he fell upon the ground,
And in his breast a mortal wound,
While through the wood the gun did sound
That took his life away;
[In the midst of life he fell, his sufferings known full well]
This was the wound the keeper gave,
No mortal man his life could save,
He now lies sleeping in his grave,
Until the judgement day.

Verse 5

This case it makes our hearts lament,
Our comrades were to prison sent,
It was out enemies' intent
That there we should remain;
[But Fortune changed her mind, and unto us proved kind]
No more locked up in the midnight cell,
To hear the turnkey sound his bell,
Those ponderous doors we wished farewell,
And the rattling of the chains.

Verse 6

The murderous man that did him kill,
And on the ground his blood did spill
Must wander far against his will,
And find no resting place;
[A destructive thing is conscience sting]
He must wander through the world forlorn,
And ever feel the smarting thorn,
And be pointed at with finger's scorn,
And die in sad disgrace.