Red, rosy morning
Ball, David
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

The red, rosy morning peeps over the hill,
With blushes adorning the meadows and field;
While the merry, merry horn cries - Come, come this way!
Come, rise from your slumbers, and behold a new day.

Verse 2

Our stag runs before us and away seems to fly,
Our horses in full speed, my boys, and our hounds in full cry;
He gave us a chase, my boys, for fifty long miles,
Over hedges, over ditches, over gates, and over stiles.

Verse 3

Now our day's sport being over, our horses are at ease,
We'll call for a jolly quart, my boys, and drink when we please.
So let us, let us, let us be merry while we may!
Let love crown this night, my boys, and sport crown the day.