Yonder sits a pretty little creature
Tanner, Charles
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

Yonder sits a pretty little creature,
Who she is I do not know,
I'll go court her for her sweet favour,
Let her answer 'Yes' or 'No'.


With my twenty, eighteen, sixteen, fourteen,
Twelve, ten, eight, six, four, two, none;
Nineteen, seventeen, fifteen, thirteen,
Eleven, nine, seven, five, three, one.

Verse 2

'O madam, mind, I'm come a-courting,
If your favour I can gain,
If you make me kindly welcome,
Perhaps then I may come again?'


Verse 3

'Sit you down, you're kindly welcome,
If your face I never see no more,
I must and I will have a handsome fellow,
Let him keep me, rich or poor.'


Verse 4

'Madam, don't think much of beauty,
Beauty's a flower that soon will fade,
The fairest flower that grows in summer,
Soon it'll die and fade away.'