Down Ratcliffe Highway
Harvey, Henry [Wassail]
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

As I was walking one noon,
Down Ratcliffe Highway I did stray;
I chanced to call at an alehouse,
To spend the whole night and next day.

Verse 2

There was a young lass who sat by me,
She asked if I'd money to sport;
I called for some wine, changed one guinea,
And she quickly replied, 'That's the sort!'

Verse 3

The bottle was put on the table,
And glasses for everyone;
I asked for the change of my guinea,
And she tipped me the verse of a song.

Verse 4

'If that is your fashion to rob me,
Such fashion I never could abide;
But tip me the change of my guinea,
Or else I will fire a broadside.'

Verse 5

The bottle and glass I seized,
And soon at their heads I let fly -
To see how they instantly scattered,
Crying, 'Murder. Oh Lord, I shall die.'

Verse 6

Then the night being dark in my favour,
Up Ratcliffe Highway I did trip;
I got in a boat bound for Deptford,
And was soon safe aboard of my ship.