In Sheffield Park
King, E. Miss
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

In Sheffield Park there once did dwell,
A brisk, young lad - I loved him well;
He courted me, my heart to gain,
He's gone and left me full of pain.

Verse 2

I went upstairs to make my bed,
I laid me down but nothing said;
My mistress came to me and said -
'What is the matter with you, my maid?'

Verse 3

My mistress then from me did go -
'Some help, some help, some help for you!'
'No help, no help, no help I crave,
Sweet William has brought me to my grave.

Verse 4

You take this letter to him with speed,
And give it to him, if he can read;
Bring me an answer without delay,
For he has stolen my heart away.'

Verse 5

He took the letter immediately,
And read it over while I stood by;
And soon he did this letter burn,
Leaving the maid to weep and mourn.

Verse 6

'Oh, foolish girl, to weep for me!
Think I could fancy none but thee?
The world was not made for one alone,
I take delight to hear thee moan.'

Verse 7

We gathered the green leaves for her bed,
And a flowery pillow for her head;
And the leaves that grow from tree to tree,
Shall be a covering over thee.

Verse 8

'Oh, mistress, mistress, you little know,
What pain and sorrow I undergo;
Oh, put your hand on my left breast,
My aching heart can take no rest.'