Sweet Peggy o
Iles, Elijah
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

There was once a captain in Derby O,
And he was come recruiting O.
But a pretty chamber maid,
His heart she betrayed,
And she was called sweet Peggy O.

Verse 2

But he had not been in Derby long,
Before sad news came to him very strong -
'You must come to Killarney and must not delay indeed.
You are wanted at Killarney with all speed.'

Verse 3

The captain went to the foot of the stairs -
'O come down with your golden hair!
Come down!' cried the captain O.
'For I to Killarney must now haste away,
Then bid me farewell, pretty Peggy O!'

Verse 4

Then over the ocean he soon sailed away,
And soon he arrived at Killarney O:
But so far, far away,
He was often heard to say -
'Here's a health to the pretty girl at Derby O.'

Verse 5

And at Killarney he got very helpless,
For his troubles he never would confess;
Love alone filled his breast,
He never could rest,
And he died for the pretty girl at Derby O.

Toast to Peggy

The God of love his wanton power displays,
And oft torments us in a thousand ways;
And yet on Peggy none can lay the blame,
For not complying with the captain's flame.