To Holland we were bound
Messenger, Charles
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

Come, all you wild young men, a warning take by me,
Never let your mind go astray into a far countree;
To Holland we were bound, to beat them was our intent,
Our officers were on board, and soon we were sent.

Verse 2

As we were sailing along, the very first thing we did spy,
Was a bold seamen French ship of war and they were our enemy;
Our deck they were soon sprinkled with blood, and with vengeance loud cannons did roar,
And I wished myself back safe at home, with my own dearest Polly once more.

Verse 3

She's a tall and a clever youth, with a black and a rolling eye,
It's here I am bleeding on deck, all for her sweet sake I must die;
O had I wings like a dove, all up in the air I would steer!
I would search the wide world over until I'd found my Polly dear.