Timeline events for date 1643

Comunity Date Events
1643 Heavy fighting across Wiltshire. Royalists fail in attack on Marlborough, Parliamentarians take Malmesbury, there is a skirmish at Sherston and the first siege of Wardour Castle takes place. At Battle of Lansdown Royalist forces defeated and retreat to Devizes where they are besieged by Parliamentarians under Waller. When Royalist reinforcements arrive Waller and the Parliamentarians are defeated at the battle of Roundway. A little later a skirmish takes place on Aldbourne Chase.
Aldbourne 1643 Civil War: Parliamentary army attacked by Prince Rupert's cavalry north of Dudmore Lodge and forced to withdraw to Hungerford
Chippenham 1643 Civil War; on the night of Saturday 8th July there was a running fight in Chippenham with General Waller pursuing the Royalist army after the Battle of Lansdowne
Cricklade 1643 The Parliamentary army, under the command of the Earl of Essex and consisting of 4,000 cavalry and 10,000 infantry, spend a night in the town following the siege of Gloucester
Sherston 1643 William Waller attacked Royalist horsemen in Sherston; killing 15 and taking 25 prisoner