Timeline events for date 1660

Comunity Date Events
1660 Charles II restored to the throne and makes Edward Hyde the Earl of Clarendon.
Aldbourne 1660 Fustian weaving begins in the village as a cottage inustry
Amesbury 1660 A new Abbey Mansion built by the Seymour family and designed by John Webb in the Palladian style; from this time there is a pillory and cucking stool in the town
Box 1660 The previously ejected Vicar, Walter Bushneel, returned to Box, his case having been publicised in the Narrative of the Proceedings of Commwassioners, Appointed by Oliver Cromwell, for ejecting scandalous and ignorant ministers
Calne 1660 The Catherine Wheel Inn in the Strand (now Lansdowne Strand Hotel) in existence (rebuilt in the early 18th century); a meeting house for Quakers is in existence
Chippenham 1660 Money given by Richard Scott in for a school in St. Mary's Street for the education of 15 poor boys (school may not have opened until early 18th century)
Downton 1660 Giles Eyre becomes MP for Downton.
Marlborough 1660 Rope making established in the town
Ramsbury 1660 Henry Dent holds a school for the children of local Dissenters in his house
Ramsbury 1660 Documentary evidence of a school held in Holy Cross Church