Timeline events for date 1899

Comunity Date Events
Amesbury 1899 Fire destroys the Methodist chapel and temperance hotel; Rose's grammar school closed and pupils transferred to National School
Amesbury 1899 - 1910 A Primitive Methodist chapel built in Flower Lane during this time
Calne 1899 H.J. Harris and H.W. Harris bequeath land, the income from which is to be spent on maintenance of the churchyard at Holy Trinity Church; there are now about 100 retailers in Calne; the Close Brethren meet at Stanley Home from this time; the Salvation Army is using the Unitarian chapel in Back Road
Corsham 1899 The Royal Oak in existence
Cricklade 1899 Pillar boxes installed in the town; parishes of St. Sampson's and St. Mary's united as Cricklade parish
Marlborough 1899 Free Grammar School closed
Pewsey 1899 Brickmaking has now ceased in the parish;
Ramsbury 1899 Congregational Chapel at Axford has closed and been demolished by this time
Sherston 1899 C of E school closes for 4 weeks due to a diptheria epidemic
Westbury 1899 Laverton Institute occupied by Westbury Urban District Council