Timeline events for date 1910

Comunity Date Events
1910 Lt.-General (later Lord) Robert Baden-Powell visits Swindon to review newly formed Boy Scout groups.
Aldbourne 1910 Malthouse in South Street is converted into a theatre: a production of The Village Weddingis performed and attended by George Bernard Shaw
Aldbourne 1910 Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Woodsend closed
Ashton Keynes 1910 The Mill House was converted from a mill into a house.
Broughton Gifford 1910 Broughton Gifford Manor House is converted back in to one house by Mr Schmidt.
Chippenham 1910 The market moves to an area at the back of the Neeld Hall
Marlborough 1910 Methodist church rebuilt on same site in New Road and becomes known as New Road Chapel
Melksham 1910 Melksham Fair, held in the Market Place on 27 and 28 July each year, is closed by an Act of Parliament because it encourages undesirables to the town
Pewsey 1910 Church of England Mission Room has closed by this time; the Post Office is now in North Street
Wootton Bassett 1910 The Royal Oak Hotel closes
Wootton Bassett 1910 A larger tower (service) reservoir is in place in Coxtalls with 55,000 gallons of water available daily