Timeline events for date 1923

Comunity Date Events
Amesbury 1923 Avondale School in Amesbury opened at Countess Farm by Captain Frank Perks
Box 1923 The village war memorial was erected following the First World War on Bear Green
Chippenham 1923 John Cole Park opens on 23rd May with a bandstand built that year. Result of a legacy fron local pharmacist and former Town Mayor
Corsham 1923 Methuen School merged with Corsham County School and renamed Corsham County Junior School. The old Methuen School becomes Corsham County Infants' School: Recreation Ground opposite Meriton Avenue opens
Cricklade 1923 National School for Infants closes - the boys at the National School are transferred to St. Mary's and the infants are transferred to the National School
Downton 1923 Fire destroyed the Moot House. Moot house rebuilt.
Marlborough 1923 Electric lighting introduced; all brewing has ceased in the town
Minety 1923 There was an \"ankle competition\" during the summer show at Braydon Hall
Ramsbury 1923 Church House converted into a library, reading room and a billiard room; epidemics of scarlet fever and diptheria in the village
Sherston 1923 Organ purchased for the Congregational Church
Wilton 1923 Wilton Free School closed