Timeline events for date 1933

Comunity Date Events
Amesbury 1933 Christ the King Roman Catholic church opened in London Road
Calne 1933 A new motorised fire engine is bought
Cricklade 1933 New Town Hall built in High Street; former Town Hall becomes Ockwell's Glove Factory
Cricklade 1933 - 1945 British School used as a Roman Catholic church
Great Somerford 1933 Railway line and station closed
Keevil 1933 The Beach Arms inn closes
Marlborough 1933 High Level railway station closed
Purton 1933 School at Braydon closed
Sherston 1933 Swan Hotel is closed to the public; Pennymead is bought by Mrs Bert Compton to be the recreation ground
Westbury 1933 By this time all iron ore mining has ceased; Westbury by-pass railway line built for non-stopping trains
Wootton Bassett 1933 Electric street lighting is provided