Timeline events for date 1969

Comunity Date Events
1969 Swindon Town FC beat Arsenal 3-1 at Wembley to win the Football League Cup.
Amesbury 1969 Brass band reformed as Amesbury Town Silver Band
Box 1969 The remaining quarries were closed
Box 1969 Selwyn Hall, the village hall, was built
Corsham 1969 Regal Cinema renamed Corsham Film Theatre and the new library opens in Pickwick Road
Cricklade 1969 Methodist congregation share the Congregational chapel with the Congregationalists; Methodist chapel in Calcutt Street closed
Minety 1969 Minety Church of England School built at Sawyers Hill
Purton 1969 Village Hall opened; Primitive Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist churches unite to become Purton Methodist Church, using the Wesleyan chapel in Play Close; Congregational chapel demolished; the Bell Inn at Purton Stoke completely renovated
Sherston 1969 Tubb's Elastic Factory is established and occupies the former silk mill
Westbury 1969 Glove manufacture at Bull's Mill ceases; Angel Mill and Bitham Mill, the last 2 woollen mills in Westbury, closed; extensive underpinning carried out to the tower of All Saints Church to save it from collapsing; Anglican chapel at the Cemetery closed and remaining chapel renovated
Wilton 1969 The old Methodist chapel in Kingsbury Square opened as the Roman Catholic St. Edith's Church