Timeline events for date 1972

Comunity Date Events
Aldbourne 1972 A new wing added to St. Michael's Primary School; Civil War skirmish in Aldbourne re-enacted on the original site by the Sealed Knot Society
Amesbury 1972 Mortuary chapel at cemetery demolished
Corsham 1972 The Corsham School, a purpose-built comprehensive school, opens
Cricklade 1972 Congregationalists and Methodists unite to form the United Reform Church
Marlborough 1972 Congregational church unites with Presbyterian church to become United Reformed Church
Ramsbury 1972 Village converted to North Sea gas; beating of the bounds over 26 miles (43km) becomes an annual event from this time
Westbury 1972 Congregationalists joined with Presbyterians to become United Reformed Church
Wootton Bassett 1972 An annual carnival is introduced; Longleaze Primary School opens while the Modern School becomes a comprehensive and is renamed Wootton Bassett School