Timeline events for date 1993

Comunity Date Events
Aldbourne 1993 Crotal bell castings made by Robert Wells in the 18th century and purchased by the Whitechapel Fell Foundry returned to the village on permanent loan
Amesbury 1993 Plaza cinema demolished
Calne 1993 Blackland's Mill closed
Chippenham 1993 4th September, Twinning ceremony in Chippenham with the German town of Friedberg
Hullavington 1993 Wiltshire County Council \"Rights of Way\" gives protection to Hullavington's footpaths
Pewsey 1993 Wiltshire County Council closes its offices in the old rectory
Ramsbury 1993 Community bus, the Ramsbury Flyer, inaugurated
Westbury 1993 Bitham Brook School opened