Timeline events for date 2008

Comunity Date Events
Aldbourne 2008 Public convenience refurbished and part of the building converted to a community room
Broughton Gifford 2008 Records show 3 ponds on the common, flooding against makes the roads impossible to drive on. New Food Solutions Ltd. is founded in Broughton Gifford.
Chippenham 2008 Sorting Office closes on Station Hill and moves to Bumper's Farm
Great Somerford 2008 Somerfords' Walter Powell School became federated with Seagry Primary School
Hullavington 2008 Swallow View development off Royal Field Close completed. On 27 November there is a fire at Hullavington garage.
Minety 2008 Post Office in Upper Minety closed and became a private residence
Sherston 2008 Sherston School is granted international school status; Post Office named 'Best Wiltshire Store'