Golden glove
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

A wealthy young squire near Tamworth we hear,
Courted a nobleman's daughter so fair
And soon to be married it was their intent
All friends and relations they gave their consent.

Verse 2

The time was appointed for their wedding day,
A young farmer was chosen to give her away.
But as soon as the lady the farmer did spy,
Her heart was inflamed, 'O my heart,' she did cry.

Verse 3

She turned from the squire, though nothing was said,
But instead of being married she went to her bed.
The thoughts of a farmer so ran in her mind,
And a way for to gain him she quickly did find.

Verse 4

Coat, waistcoat and breeches this lady put on,
A-hunting she went with her dog and her gun.
She hunted around where the farmer did dwell,
Because in her heart she loved him well.

Verse 5

She oftentimes fired but nothing she killed,
Till at length the young farmer came into the field.
Then to discourse with him it was her intent,
With her dog and her gun to meet him she went.

Verse 6

'I thought you'd have been at the wedding,' she cried,
'To wait on the squire and give him his bride.'
'No sir,' said the farmer, 'If truth I must tell,
I'll not give her away for I love her too well.'

Verse 7

'Suppose this young lady should grant you her love,
You know that the squire your rival will prove.'
Then up speaks lovely Willie, 'I'll take sword in hand,
By honour I'll gain her or die at command.'

Verse 8

The lady being pleased to hear him so bold,
Gave him a glove that was flowered with gold.
And told him she found it as she came along,
As she was a-hunting with her dog and her gun.

Verse 9

The lady went home with her heart full of love,
And soon gave it out that she'd lost her right glove -
'The man that will find it and bring it to me,
I vow to that man his bride I will be.'

Verse 10

The farmer well pleased to hear her intent,
Straight out of the field to the lady he went -
'Dear honoured lady, I have picked up your glove,
I hope you'll be pleased to grant me your love.'

Verse 11

'It's granted already,' the lady replied,
'I love the young farmer and will be his bride.
I'll mind my own dairy and milk my own cow,
While the jolly young farmer goes whistling to his plough.