Timeline events for date 1859

Comunity Date Events
Amesbury 1859 - 1870 Adult evening school held in the Wesleyan chapel
Calne 1859 A violent storm uproots 183 trees in 3 minutes in Blackland Park
Chippenham 1859 Three postal deliveries a day in the town, starting between 7.00 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. The workhouse at Rowden opened; it became the town's hospital in 1947
Corsham 1859 Zion Hill Baptist Chapel built
Cricklade 1859 Cricklade Gas & Water Company established and gas works built in Gas Lane; street lamps converted to gas; British School, for the children of non-conformists, opened south of Gas Lane
Great Somerford 1859 40-50 children were taught at the school
Keevil 1859 The Keevil district horticultural society established
Marlborough 1859 The Marlborough Times founded
Melksham 1859 Volunteer Force ( later known as the Melksham Rifle Corps (12th Wilts)) is raised
Minety 1859 Hibberd's distillery enterprise failed, but gave its name to Distillery meadows, the current Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Reserve
Purton 1859 Pump room, known as Purton Spa, built above the Salts Hole at Purton Stoke
Ramsbury 1859 Blind house demolished; Primitive Methodist Chapel built at Witcha Farm
Sherston 1859 East end of the church house built
Westbury 1859 A new building opened at Newtown School for girls and infants
Wilton 1859 Felt manufacture begun at Crow Lane Mill; station (Wilton South) opened on the newly opened London & South Western Railway line from Salisbury to Gillingham
Wootton Bassett 1859 The Gas, Coke and Light Company is formed in Station Road; the free grammar school has now closed