Timeline events for date 1914

Comunity Date Events
1914 - 1918 The First World War. 5000 members of the Wiltshire Regiment are killed.
Aldbourne 1914 - 1918 World War I: most of the houses in Snap destroyed by Army gunnery practice; 48 men from Aldbourne killed in the war
Calne 1914 The Wilts & Berks Canal closed by an Act of Parliament
Chippenham 1914 First council houses, in Wood Lane, built and occupied
Chippenham 1914 - 1918 World War I; Neeld hall used as hospital
Corsham 1914 - 1919 Town Hall used as a hospital
Cricklade 1914 North Wilts Canal closed
Downton 1914 Papermaking ended.
Marlborough 1914 Corn Exchange converted to a cinema
Minety 1914 Flisteridge Woods were badly affected during the war by the need to cut down timber because of shortages; 95 men from Minety served in World War One
Purton 1914 Children's Home built
Sherston 1914 J Elsip's bakery on Brook Hill closes; Mrs A Cooper is the landlady of the Carpenter's Arms