Timeline events for date 1086

Comunity Date Events
1086 Domesday Survey shows that in Wiltshire the King held 20% of the land, the Bishop of Salisbury held 7%, the Bishop of Winchester held 7%, Abbot of Glastonbury 6%, Abbot of Malmesbury 5%, and the Earl of Salisbury 5%
Aldbourne 1086 Held by King William I. Domesday Book records enough land for 45 plough teams, 4 mills, a church belonging to the manor and a population of between 670 and 740
Amesbury 1086 A royal manor. According to the Domesday book it comprises 70 acres of meadow, areas of pasture and woodland and has 8 mills. The population is between 700 and 900
Box 1086 Hazlebury and Ditteridge were mentioned in the Domesday book. It was thought that the two hamlets once held more importance than Box in the Saxon times
Broughton Gifford 1086 Manor held in chief by Humphrey de Lisle, estate of 5 hides held by Rainburges, estate of 3 hides held by Saward, records show two mills in the principal manor of Broughton Gifford.
Calne 1086 A royal manor and a borough. The Domesday book records the manor consisting of 3480 acres, 50 acres of meadow, 2 miles of pasture, 45 burgesses, 7 mills and a population of between 500 and 600. The Church lands held by Nigel, probably Nigel the Physician
Chippenham 1086 Chippenham a royal manor and in the Domesday book are listed 113 holders of arable land although there are still 6 square miles of woodland on the manor, which would have been home to many pigs as there are 23 swineherds recorded. The population of the whole estate, not just the main settlement was between 600 and 800 people
Corsham 1086 Domesday Book records Corsham as a royal manor with a church and 2 mills, about 240 acres in size. The population is between 600 and 640. The church and its lands are held by the abbey of St. Stephen of Caen
Downton 1086 Downton becomes part of the Salisbury Diocese, although mostly still owned by the Bishop of Winchester. The Bishop had seven mills built on his estate.
Great Somerford 1086 Great Somerford had seven estates
Hullavington 1086 Hullavington known as 'Hunlavingtone' and population is of 200
Keevil 1086 At this time Keevil was called 'Chivele'
Melksham 1086 A hundred and a royal manor. According to the Domesday Book it is valued at £111.11s and comprises 84 hides (approx 10,000 acres), including 130 acres of meadow, 8 leagues of pasture and 4 leagues of woodland. There are 8 mills
Pewsey 1086 Domesday Book records a church, arable land for 24 plough teams, 7 mills and a population of approx. 370-400
Purton 1086 Domesday survey records land for 24 ploughs, 60 acres of meadow, a wood and 1 mill
Ramsbury 1086 Domesday Book records 10 corn mills, 90 hides of land (approx 11,000 acres), 54 plough teams and a population of between 680 and 740
Sherston 1086 Church of the Holy Cross held by the Abbey of St. Wandrille
Westbury 1086 A royal manor held by William I. Domesday Book records an estate of approx. 5,000 acres including local villages. Population approx. 600 including 9 beekeepers, 29 pigmen and an unspecified number of potters. There were 6 mills and a church
Wilton 1086 According to the Domesday Book Wilton is in the custody of a keeper, Hervey, who accounts directly to the Crown for all royal rents and dues