Timeline events for date 1500

Comunity Date Events
1500 Final phase of building at Stonehenge is completed.
Aldbourne 1500 Dudmore Lodge built
Aldbourne 1500 Houses built in Castle Street by this time
Aldbourne 1500 Court House built; fairs held annually on 10 March and 22 July by this time
Ashton Keynes 1500 The Mill House was built.
Ashton Keynes 1500 Church Farm Manor converted to domestic use after the dissolution of the monastries.
Box 1500 - 1700 The lock-up was built and used to detain disorderly citizens and to aid the upkeep of law and order
Broughton Gifford 1500 Church House built, wool markets are introduced in Broughton Gifford.
Broughton Gifford 1500 - 1600 Clothiers and weavers arrive in Broughton Gifford, such as Jerome Gerish (1588) and Henry Harding (1652).
Calne 1500 From this time there is a flourishing woollen industry in Calne initially producing broadcloth, later serge (C17th) drugget and worsted (C18th)
Chippenham 1500 By this date the Yelde Hall has been built
Downton 1500 Iron Age settlement built in what is now a playing field.
Downton 1500 Winemaking and breweries were well established by this time.
Downton 1500 Shoemakers in Downton are first mentioned.
Downton 1500 The first Workhouse in Downton is built.
Great Somerford 1500 Brook farm built
Great Somerford 1500 A house called Mount built south of the mound where the castle stood
Keevil 1500 Pinkney farm built in the latter half of the century
Marlborough 1500 - 1750 Clay pipe manufacture is a flourishing industry in the town
Melksham 1500 - 1600 Clothing industry at its peak in Melksham producing white undyed broadcloth
Minety 1500 Church built; chancel screen carving in the church date from this time
Pewsey 1500 Ball Cottage built
Pewsey 1500 Tower built on Church of St. John the Baptist
Pewsey 1500 Court House built
Purton 1500 Restrop House built
Purton 1500 The Manor House rebuilt by Lord Chandos
Sherston 1500 Court House built
Sherston 1500 The Swan Inn and The Angel Inn established
Wootton Bassett 1500 Parts of the Waggon & Horses and the Currier's Arms date from this time
Wootton Bassett 1500 - 1600 There is a fairly flourishing cloth manufacturing industry in the parish