Timeline events for date 1600

Comunity Date Events
Aldbourne 1600 Local tradesmen issue their own tokens; brewhouse in existence at back of Wall Cottage on the Green; annual average stock of rabbits in the warrens between 8,000 and 20,000
Aldbourne 1600 John Aubrey describes rabbits from Aldbourne as the best, sweetest and fattest in England
Amesbury 1600 South Mill, containing 2 water driven corn mills, in operation
Amesbury 1600 Diana House built on the Abbey mansion estate
Amesbury 1600 The Gauntlett family are producing clay pipes which are renowned nationally
Ashton Keynes 1600 Cove house was built and is believed to have been the residence of the Lord of the Manor.
Ashton Keynes 1600 Church Farm Manor's west wing and passage re-roofed.
Box 1600 The first record of Box Common was recorded at this time as belonging to Hazelbury Manor
Box 1600 A lunatic asylum was established at Kingsdown, nicknamed the 'Box Mad House'
Broughton Gifford 1600 Rectory built.
Broughton Gifford 1600 Broughton Gifford is well known for its geese, locals are often referred to as 'Broughton Ganders'.
Corsham 1600 The cloth industry flourishing as a home industry controlled by clothiers
Corsham 1600 Pickwick Manor built
Downton 1600 Basket weaving begins
Downton 1600 Several thatched cottages were erected. Housing expanded in the area around the Headlands. Attempts to make the Avon navigable through Downton to Swindon failed - possible because of the extensive water meadows and mills.
Great Somerford 1600 Rectory house built south of the church
Great Somerford 1600 Mills farm built : Manor house, Manor farmhouse and West Street farm all built
Keevil 1600 Blagdon house built in the mid 1600s
Marlborough 1600 Marlborough has been a centre for the sale of cheese from this time
Pewsey 1600 The Bear Inn is in existence
Purton 1600 Restrop House rebuilt
Ramsbury 1600 Parliament Piece in Back Lane built
Sherston 1600 Rebuilding of Balcony House after the fire, Church lych-gate installed
Sherston 1600 The Carpenter's Arms, The Rattlebone and The Bell established