Timeline events for date 1939

Comunity Date Events
1939 Many evacuees come to Wiltshire
1939 - 1945 Many Wiltshire engineering factories turned over to war work and munitions; Spitfires made and flown from Wiltshire, many airfields and army camps in the county
Aldbourne 1939 - 1945 13 men from the village killed in World War II
Aldbourne 1939 W.T. Loveday iron foundry becomes the Aldbourne Engineering Company
Amesbury 1939 The Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment moves to Boscombe Down
Ashton Keynes 1939 - 1945 British, Canadian and American troops were stationed here at different times.
Ashton Keynes 1939 There were 14 acres of water in the area. Today after extracting 15 million tons of gravel there are 150 acres of lakes.
Ashton Keynes 1939 Some evacuee children from nearby towns and cities went to the village.
Calne 1939 Gas works in Horsebrook closed; swimming pool closed
Chippenham 1939 The Oxo Company opens a factory in Chippenham
Chippenham 1939 - 1945 Second World War; evacuees in Chippenham, many younger men in the armed forces, many women on war work, rationing, fear of bombing by planes returning from the Midlands, Westinghouse factory a Luftwaffe target; Home Guard formed, Air Raid Wardens, black outs at night, defences against invasion such as the pill box by the old Calne railway bridge, temporary army camps around Chippenham and American soldiers later in the war
Corsham 1939 - 1945 Corsham Court used as a convalescent home during World War II and old underground quarries used for aircraft parts manufacture
Corsham 1939 The old Liberal Hall, now named Priory Street Hall, used as a Roman Catholic Chapel
Cricklade 1939 - 1945 Former Baptist church used as a WVS canteen for the armed forces
Hullavington 1939 Telephone exchange built
Keevil 1939 A fire destroyed three cottages on Martins Road- ten people were left homeless
Keevil 1939 Mere farm demolished to make way for the new Keevil Airfield
Melksham 1939 The market is closed; the Roman Catholic church of St. Anthony of Padua is built in West Street
Melksham 1939 - 1945 RAF camp either side of Berryfields Lane
Minety 1939 180 evacuees for the local area arrived at Minety station. Some of these children were on their way to Crudwell and other parts of North Wiltshire
Purton 1939 North View becomes a hospital for mentally handicapped women
Ramsbury 1939 Cattle fair held on 14 May has ceased by this time; last blacksmith in the village closed
Ramsbury 1939 - 1940 Water supply scheme built for the village
Ramsbury 1939 - 1945 Land between Elmdown Farm and Park Farm used as an RAF airfield during World War II
Sherston 1939 Sherston Mens' Club moves to the High Street; British Schoolrooms needed for National Service; Balcony House ran as a guest house
Westbury 1939 Leighton House and Park requisitioned by the War Department as a convalescent depot; Bitham Mill converted from steam power to electricity
Wilton 1939 - 1945 Carpet factory ceases the manufacture of carpets during World War II to wash army blankets and manufacture camouflage, kitbags and tarpaulins
Wilton 1939 Churchyard of the Church of St. Mary, Brede Street, transformed into a garden of peace and dedicated. The chancel, all that remains of the church, is rehallowed
Wootton Bassett 1939 Hope Church closes